About us

CSIRT-NBU: Response Team for Cyber ​​Incidents in the Ukrainian banking system.

Mission of CSIRT-NBU: support and protection of the banking system of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine against intentional and malicious cyber attacks; collection, accumulation, analysis and dissemination of information on actual cyber threats in the banking system of Ukraine; providing interaction on cyber defense issues with subjects of the national cyber security system of Ukraine, banks of Ukraine, branches of foreign banks, state bodies and other institutions and organizations (including international ones) that work in the field of cyber security.

Clients of CSIRT-NBU: Ukrainian banking system, National Bank of Ukraine.

Basic CSIRT-NBU services:

- Processing, analysis and response to cyber incidents;

- processing, analysis and response to vulnerabilities;

- alert and warning;

- coordination of responses to cyber incidents and vulnerabilities;

- processing, analysis and coordination of the response to artifacts;

- counseling on information security and cyber defense;

- Quality management of cyber defense systems;

- training and training on information security and cyber defense.